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Ever since the movie “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez, it has sparked a whole new generation of wedding planners and wedding planner wannabes. While in the movie, the wedding planner is responsible for everything from the best man speech to the decor at the wedding, in real life, wedding planners are very different just as every other vendor at your wedding.

When I started djing a long time ago, there were very few wedding planners. Today, there are a planner on the job 80% of the time. It was around the time the movie came out that I feel a lot of people said to themselves, “hey if If Jennifer Lopez can plan a wedding, I can plan a wedding too. There is also courses you can take to help show you how to plan a wedding.

In my opinion, wedding planning is like djing, you are thrown into the fire and you become an assistant to help you learn the ropes of the industry, no school can help teach you what you will learn on the job. In my experience, there are some very good planners out there, but there are so many more bad ones who are responsible for making weddings more stressful than just having no planner at all.

At a wedding, there are a few people that are in charge of your wedding the night of such as the manager of the room, (maitre d) is responsible for the food and the waiters of the room. They are also responsible for making sure that their having the correct number of tables, chairs etc for the room. Not all rooms are the same, so if it is just a space, then remove that responsibility and that is the responsibility of somebody else you designate.

The decor if hired by an outside source is whoever you hire to come in and prepare the room. This could include, florist, decor person, and miscellaneous decor, such as dance floor, furniture etc. This responsibility can also be the room manager if its an all in one place such as most banquet halls.

Entertainment is the responsibility of the dj, band or iPod of your choosing. This also is including the ceremony music which might be at a different venue.

Ceremony: Church or Synagogue or minister. Music for this can also be your entertainment, or piano player etc.

So to bring it all together in a perfect world would be a fantastic Wedding planner.

To find a great wedding planner I’ve compiled a list.

  • Referrals: Not just a friend or I know this person who just wanted to get into it. Get a referral from somebody who has actually used this person for their own wedding. Hearing a story and actually using them are two different things. You probably want to ask someone in the wedding industry who deals with planners every week, like your dj, band, or venue. They deal with them and know great ones.


  • Experience: One thing that I know is that there are so many different venues, djs, bands, food, decor, florists, and many different styles and attitudes which comes with each service. Knowing how to deal with each one and having a successful wedding is very difficult and takes a special patient person.


  • Organization: How organized the person is, is going to be how organized they are at your wedding. If this person has papers everywhere, details all over the place than your wedding will be a mess.


  • Patience: The wedding industry is very difficult and can be very fast paced. Knowing how to deal with a crisis when the world is your wedding is going to fall apart is a great indicator of someone who is going to make your guests notice nothing when something collapses in the background. This is usually the difference between great planners and bad ones. Bad planner  make minor glitches into big ones, and do not know how to handle a crisis when it happens. Problem solving is part of the job and you need a good problem solver.


Another indicator of a great planner is to ask your planner when you are interviewing them, is “What is your responsibility?” They should answer EVERYTHING, even though it isn’t. If they answer and say oh this responsibility is them, and this responsibility is them, than this is wrong person for you. They Should have a plan for problems happening.

At my wedding, even though I hired all of the elements of the wedding myself, she was still organized with all of their info, made contact with them  to make sure that they were showing up to bring, decor, flowers, and every aspect of my wedding. If something didn’t show up, she was on them, had their number. Even though the banquet hall owner was there personally to make sure everything was done right, she was there right beside him working together and the dj and band. The wedding ran smoothly even though there were a few glitches, I didn’t know of them and everybody including myself had the time of our lives. It was perfect! Even though it wasn’t!



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