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I thought I would just put a few questions to ask your DJ company before you book them and the reasons why.

1. How many bookings do you have on my wedding day? The reason you want to ask this question is that believe it or not there are not a lot of good quality dj’s out there compared to the amount of parties, clubs and weddings that go on out there. There are many companies that if they have too many bookings will be stretched out with their dj’s and could possibly hire sub-contractors who are not quality dj’s or mc’s but who are just filling in the job at your wedding. Most companies do not have 30 quality dj’s working steady for their company. Are you sure you want to book a company that has 15 parties and you just booked them 6 months ago and you are the last party on their roster? Do you want to be just another number on their pay check list?

2. How much does your dj get paid? Now I know nobody will tell you this but you could ask for a range. If you are paying $2000 for your dj and the actual dj gets paid $100.00 who is to say that the dj will show up or even cares about your wedding. I mean he could be putting in 12 hours of work for minimum wage. Would you care if you got paid that amount to show up and care about a wedding?

3. What quality or how is your music being played? In this mp3 age and digital era it is important to care about what quality is coming out of the speakers. Does the dj just download the crapiest quality mp3 and play it at weddings? Do you want to hear music which is washed out? In this age the mp3 should be at least 320 or wave. The storage right now is cheap why not take advantage of it.

4. What is your music back up system? If they are using hard drives or cd’s what do they do if the cd or hard drive goes down. Most hard drives are not meant for travel. Does the dj cary a back up hard drive? Do they bring cd’s just in case? What happens if they need a song, can they download it? Can somebody bring them music if something goes wrong?

5. If you pay for a two-man show, dj and mc, are they both a true dj and mc? Some companies will say they are sending a dj or mc and really they send an assistant. The mc can do both and the other guy is just there to show the couple there are two people there. Does the mc go out on the dance floor and do the introductions properly? Most companies will send an assistant to save money. He might be able to push play but he is not really a dj who can mix and read the crowd. Usually he is a new assistant who is trying to learn the business.

6. If you go with a high-end lighting package, is there a true lighting technician there? Most companies will not have a custom lighting person there to make custom programs such as lighting the entrance, head table, cake and dance floor. Most companies will sell you a high-end lighting package but will just send a generic lighting controller. The programs for the lights just are programmed to hit a general spot. There are no specified decor patterns or the patterns mentioned above. Does it make sense to spend $3000 for lights where the patterns hit people who are not dancing and trying to have a conversation with their relative at the table? Most companies do not create custom patterns for these intelligent expensive lighting packages because that takes time and needs to be custom made with either light jockey by Martin Lighting or other custom computer controllers. It is also cheaper to have the generic controller. It also costs more money for the company because a trained person who knows these programs needs to program the lights. There are usually not too many people working steady at a dj company or a shortage of custom controllers around.

7. What kind of experience does the dj and mc have? How often does the dj and mc work together? How often do they work period? Some guys work every three months. In three months a lot of vairables can change in the industry or music will change. Let’s face it some dj’s are club dj’s, and some are mobile dj’s, some can handle both. Most club dj’s think a wedding is a club and the same is for the mc. A Wedding is very different. You must play and know a variety of music. Also if the mc and dj have not worked together there can be glitches. They might not be on the same page as far as programming your night for music. Make sure that you don’t have a dj that started yesterday. Let’s face it there is not a dj school out there. The school is experience, and you don’t want your experience to be a bad school.

8. Can I meet the dj will be at my wedding? Most companies do not book the dj for your wedding ahead of time. They sign your contract and decide who will be your dj after. That is fine but you should ask who that will be there and can you see them in action. This is important. It is important for the company you book to make a comitment to you on your dj. Who knows if they even have one for you. Just because you sign a contract it doesn’t mean that a dj will show up. Yes you can sue them later if one doesn’t show but your disaster evening has already come and gone.

9. How often is your dj equipment updated or maintained? DJ equipment is electronics. You don’t want somebody coming to your wedding with an iPod. Does it make sense that the dj company you hire uses the cheapest most unreliable equipment? They should also not wait for their equipment to fail at your wedding. Usually every one to two years the equipment should be cleaned or updated. Today dj equipment are computers, and you know how often computers go out of date.

10. Finally, you should ask your dj company for a picture or to go see the exact setup you will have at your wedding. You want to make sure the setup is clean, neat and will look good at your wedding. Do you want to have a dj who uses a pink table cloth or drape? Or do you want to see wires all around or do you want them taped down? What will the table look like, is it professional or does it look like an old stereo put on a table with an old rusty microphone?

This blog was written by Ernie Arrizza

I hope this helps, if you need any more information or would like to ask about our services in the Greater Toronto Area

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