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Choosing a dj for your wedding can be a big decision for your big day. It can mean the difference between a great night or a disaster. A bad dj can ruin your wedding day for you and your guests. It is very difficult because there is a shortage of djs in the GTA. I say that because I hear stories each week of disasters that happen at banquet halls across the city. Djs that do not show up, or djs that are promised from a big dj company do not show up and you get a 15 year old kid to your $100,000 wedding.

There are some people that believe that a wedding is an invitation to hire a dj who plays every week in a club. This appears to happen at weddings where the bride and groom want to be chic or try to impress their guests. There are many reason why this is a mistake at a wedding. First I will tell you the only situation where it is good practice to hire a club dj then I will tell you why not to.


1. You have all of one type of guests at your wedding. All 25 years olds, that like one particular type of music. (house, hip hop, trance)

2. You don’t care about the majority of your guest and just care about the ones who like a particular style of music.

3. You are a snob and just want to hear your music.

Not Acceptable

1. You have a wide range of guests, in age or ethnicity

2. You care about entertaining your guests

3. You want people to go home having danced and got to move on the dance floor a bit.

4. You think people are going to stay at your party listening to music they don’t like all night.

I’m sure I could find many more reasons why its not acceptable. I’ll leave it there.

A wedding dj is very different than a club dj. I’m not saying that both cannot cross over into both worlds. It is possible and I have witnessed it. It is not very often this happens. Most club djs get jaded when playing in a club for a while. It is different in that in a club usually people are not there to dance, usually to pick up girls or guys. Many people are usually a lot more intoxicated than at a wedding.

At a wedding, the dj must read the crowd and adjust a lot quicker. There might be breaks due to formalities. A wedding dj must know how to speak on the microphone or mc. A wedding dj must know a wide range or music genres and ethnicity. Experience is key at weddings to get this adjustments.

Finding a wedding dj that has all of these qualities and also know how to dj at a club  is not an easy task. The next thing you must overcome is going to a company and them not delivering on the dj they send you. A common occurrence.

My solution is to go see the dj in action, during a peak hour at a wedding. listen for 30 minutes. When you find a dj you like, make sure their name is on the contract.

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